Paul at Old Man Valley


Ride for the love of it...!

Who Are We


Paul Racing at Jacks Ridge


Paul's passion for bikes started way back in his early school years with a little Honda XR80 motorbike. He rode various motorbikes until in high school he discovered a cool bicycle that was made for riding off road. From that point on he was hooked!


Over the next 20 odd years he has ridden as far afield as the Swiss Alps to New Zealand, Tasmania, Cairns, Darwin, Canberra and the list goes on... If there are mountain bike tracks there, then its probably on his list to go and ride them.


During that time he has honed his riding and mechanical skills on anything that has two wheels. Cross country, trials, downhill, road, BMX you name the discipline or type of bike and he has probably ridden or fixed it!






"It's all about skids and wheelies..."

-Paul Bennett



Mags was introduced to mountain bikes when she met Paul in Darwin over 10 years ago. Already a licensed motor biker it didn't take long for her love of bicycles to take hold!


It was the rough and rocky tracks of Charles Darwin NP that helped shape Mags's skill on a bike. Now in Taree running Bourkes Bicycles with Paul, she has raced at various DH, enduro and cross country events.


Always up for a challenge, if you find her out in the forest it will most likely be riding the more technical and challenging trails!


Mags is now a qualified skills instructor through PMBI and MTBA. She has a passion for the skill of off road riding and a drive to get more females into the sport.


"I love helping people accomplish things that they didn't think they could do!"

-Mags Bennett

Mags riding a rock garden at Mt Stromlo
Michael rocking out


Michael has been riding bikes since Jesus played football for Nazareth Juniors. Somehow he's managed to stay upright most of the time, meaning he can still turn the pedals over now and then.

Michael has competed in a bunch of different race formats from 1.5 hour sprint races to 24 hour endurance MTB races.

Maybe the silliest thing Michael has gotten into is ultra-endurance racing, which are multi-day self supported bike races. Next time you're in the shop ask him about this. He'll happily waste hours bragging about his efforts!

Michael races BMX with his son and one daughter, and can sometimes be found falling off his son's BMX bike at the skate park. He also plays the drums and wants to get back into skateboarding. Basically, Michael never grew up and loves his long suffering wife for looking after him like he's her fourth child.


"Don't die wondering - Get on your bike and ride!! That's all that counts!"

-Michael Eyb


Oscar is the true boss of the shop. If he decides to come in then you will most likely find him asleep behind the counter or possibly in a sunny spot out in the showroom.

Oscar is always up for a scratch behind the ear, when he can be bothered getting up!




Mags riding a rock garden at Mt Stromlo
Drop on Trampoline
Paul Riding in Kiwarrak
Brendan at Derby
The Bourkes Bicycles team
Mick and Breandan fixing a flat - Derby
The bourkes team at Jacks Ridge XXX
Paul on Comboyne ride
The Shop