Weekend Shop Ride x 2 - Women's AND Intermediate!

This weekend's Bourkes Bikes Shop Ride is a special one - we're offering TWO rides this weekend. They both start at the same time, but they give you a choice of rides! First up, the ladies get a guernsey with our patented women's-specific ride. Qualified MTB skills instructor and allround cycling guru Mags Bennett will guide you through all the awesome trails at the Kiwarrak MTB Park. You'll no doubt come back with a grin from ear to ear, and you'll be doing it fuelled on 'Lady Power'!. Women only!!! The second ride, which is an Intermediate level ride, will be hosted by Mags' hubby, Paul. He's also a qualified MTB skills instructor and brake fluid runs through his veins. He's gonna lead you

Friday Gravel Grind - NOW TUESDAY!!

OK lovers of the sound of bacon frying, we've got a bit of news for you. Our Friday Gravel Grind is moving to TUESDAYS!! The reason for this is because we haven't had a great take up for the Friday sessions, possibly due to people going away for the weekend and other anomolies like that! SO! We're moving them back to Tuesdays to see if that's any better. Of course there's also the possibility that it's so cold at the moment that most people are kicking the early morning gravel grinds into touch in favour of staying in a warm bed (and we don't blame you one bit!!!!). Anyhoo, we'll give Tuesdays a burl for a month or so, and if we still don't get many takers, maybe we'll kill the gravel grind

Bourkes Ride Schedule- Gravel Grinding and skills sessioning!

Righty ho one and all, it's time to tell you about this weeks Bourkes hosted rides. As always we'll start off with the Gravel Grind. This week we're gonna start out along Cedar Party Road and take in the crunchy gravelly goodness of the Cedar Party region. This ride will be weather permitting - if it's raining, don't bother coming!! We'll provide a final GO/NO GO on Facebook by 5:30am on the day. Read below for all the details: WHEN: Friday 22nd June, roll out from the start point at 6am SHARP! WHERE: Meet at the intersection of Cedar Party Road and Irkanda Drive---CLICK HERE FOR MAP BRING: Bike capable of gravel road riding, helmet, warm clothing, lights. SKILL LEVEL: Approximately 15-20km

End Of Financial Year Sale - Details

Righteo, it's sale time yet again, and we here at Bourkes Bikes are ready to smash the savings RIGHT DOWN YOUR JUMPER!!! But instead of trying to get you all jazzed up with lots of words, why don't we just list all the awesome savings that we're running for 6 DAYS ONLY between Monday the 25th and Saturday the 30th of June, read more below or click HERE to view the Google sheet: #Announcement


OK, welcome to this week's blog post about the Bourkes Bikes Ride schedule. Instead of putting up two separate posts about the two different rides, we thought we'd be economical (just like bikes are!) and put them both in one post. FRIDAY GRAVEL GRIND: Firstly, the gravel grind. This Friday we're going to venture up to Breakneck Lookout. This ride will take in Breakneck Road up to the lookout. It's a fair climb, but a great hit out for the start of the weekend. Here's the deets: WHEN: Friday 15th June, roll out from the start point at 6AM SHARP!! WHERE: Start at the Town end of the Martin bridge, at the intersection of Victoria and Commerce Sts, Taree---CLICK HERE FOR MAP BRING: Bike capabl

It's EOFY Time!!

DID YOU SAY EOFY?!? Yes we did! It's End Of Financial Year and what better way to celebrate the start of FY18/19 than with a sale?!?! I mean, there's probably other ways to celebrate it (round the world trip, MTB holiday to Derby, Maydena and Whistler), but it's possible that none of those ways will get you on a new beast for next to nothing! And pretty much everything in the store will be discounted, with some extra special discounts across a range of products that you obviously won't be able to do without!!! The sale starts on Monday the 25th of June and winds up on Financial New Year's Eve - Saturday June 30th! So if you've been saving up your pennies, now's the time to unleash the bike b


Hot off the heels of the Jolly Nose Enduro race about two weeks ago, the Manning-Great Lakes Tip Riders have announced that the next round of their Enduro series will be held on Sunday the 22nd of July at the Kiwarrak MTB Park. This is great news, as the black diamond trails in the south west corner of the park have been getting better and better, thanks to the dedicated hard work of a small band of committed trail builders/riders. In celebration of this announcement, a bunch of riders from Jolly Nose are coming down to Taree this weekend for a bit of a blat and huck, and so we're going to host them for one of these rides on Saturday afternoon! Expect the riding to be fast, pointed downhill


Alrighty then, it's time for another Bourkes Bikes Friday Gravel Grind. This post will be short and sweet, I promise! The reason for the title is simple. It's still a bit rainy out, so if you are coming with us tomorrow morning and it's looking like crap when you get up, just go back to bed!! That's the Bourkes guarantee - it's on unless it's off!! To be a bit more official, I'll post on the Bourkes Facebook page if it's looking like absolute crap and I'm pulling the pin, so watch FB early in the morn for confirmation. Tomorrow's ride will take in some of the lovely gravel roads out Cedar Party way. We've had good reports coming in from Dylan Wesley that the roads out that way are currently

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