Tuesday Gravel Grind - 5:30am for BREAKNECK!

Righteo you lot, it's time to snap out of hibernation! Yes, it's cold. Yes, it's dark. Yes, you could stay in bed and sleep another couple of hours. But how are you meant to brag to your friends about how hard you are with that kind of attitude?!?! It's with this in mind that this week's gravel grind is going to the top of the world - at least in our neck of the woods anyway. And speaking of 'neck', that's where we're headed tomorrow morning - beautiful, frozen, steep, BREAKNECK LOOKOUT!! We're going to start earlier than normal too, simply because it's a bit longer in time and effort to get to Breakneck from Taree. So it's a 5:30am start from the intersection of Victoria and Commerce Sts in


It's still freezing cold outside, but that won't stop us getting out there and pedalling along like ice cubes on wheels! Yes, the Bourkes Tuesday Gravel Grind returns again tomorrow, and this time we're hitting out at one of our favourite places to freeze solid - CEDAR PARTY! The story is simple - turn up at 6am sharp at the corner of Cedar Party Road and Irkanda Drive, greet the other crazies who think it's better to be outside instead of in bed, and ride about 25kms! SIMPLES!!! Don't forget to bring warm clothing and lights, as it's not quite daylight at 6am. And as usual, in the (very unlikely) case that wet weather's gonna spoil our party, we'll put out a post on Facey to alert you that


We're posting the Saturday shop ride up super early this week, because it's a special one, and it's also a fundraiser for a very worthy recipient. This Saturday at the Jolly Nose Mountain Bike Park they are holding the 'JOY RIDE', which is a fundraiser for one of their local club Members named Joy. Joy recently had a catastrophic accident at the Port to Port Stage Race, which resulted in her sustaining considerable a critical head injury. Although she survived the accident, she is now left with injuries which will require sophisitcated rehabilitation and management for a long period of time. To that end, her club mates have decided to host a guided ride of Jolly Nose MTB Park where donations

Weekend Shop Ride - Sick as a dog!

So Saturday is traditionally the day of the bike for us - someone from the shop hosts a ride out in the forest, thereby giving everyone the chance to meet new people, explore new trails and work on new skills! this weekend was shaping up to be a cracker of a weekend - beautiful weather, dry trails, everything that would've made it great!! BUT! We didn't count on the dreaded influenza virus spoiling our fun. Well, that's what has happened. Mags was all set to lead the ride as Paul was committed to setting out the trails for the Enduro Race that is happening this Sunday. But Mags has been STRUCK DOWN I tells ya!! So unfortunately there'll be no shop ride this weekend. But fear not, it'll be b

Tuesday Gravel Grind - Wear ya' warm undies!

OK, so we all know that it's a bit cold at the moment. So why the blimmin' heck are we still running gravel grinds on Tuesday mornings, when the mercury rarely tops out above the 5 degree mark? BECAUSE WE LOVE TO RIDE, THAT'S WHY!!! And so this week's ride will be a slog uphill to Taree's premier closeby lookout - Breakneck Lookout! It's about a 14.5km ride from the meeting point at the Taree end of the bridge to the top of the lookout. So for those of you who are good at maths, that's nearly a 30km round trip - and all before 8:00am!!! Who's in? Here's the details: WHEN: Tuesday 17th July, leave the meeting point at 6am SHARP! WHERE: Meet at the cnr of Victoria and Commerce Sts (Taree end o


Hands up who loves shredding out on the trails in the Kiwarrak Mountain Bike Park? Yep, a whole room full of hands - that's AWESOME!!!! Now, keep you hand up if you've ever given back to the trails by attending a trail maintenance day or even gone out off your own bat and provided the trails with a bit of remedial love? Not too many hands up anymore. That's a real shame. Well, with the help of the MANNING-GREAT LAKES TIP RIDERS, we're hoping to change that for at least one day, because this Saturday's shop ride isn't a ride at all - It's a TRAIL LOVE DAY! Yep, that's right, we're joining the Tippies to give back to the trails. In particular, we're going to pitch in and help out of the Two Do


Okey Dokey, it's time for another nifty shop gravel grind. Last week we kicked it into touch because of the rain, so hopefully this week's ride will hopefully not be plagued by this! But looking at the BOM website, we're not meant to expect much in the way of precipitation tomorrow. And so we'll go for a bit of a pedal out Old Bar Rd way. Starting at the corner of Victoria and Commerce Sts (just near the Taree end of the bridge), we'll set off and check out some of the lovely roads on the Eastern side of the highway. Bring your cold weather gear and a light if you have one, although by the time we hit the gravel there should be a bit of light about. As always, watch Facebook for cancellation


OK, so who's up for some fun times in the bush with Paul and Mags? This week's shop ride is aimed at EVERYONE! Our beginner/intermediate ride is designed to allow riders of ALL CAPABILITIES to join us. It'll take in some iconic Kiwarrak MTB Park trails as well as maybe even some of the more sedate purpose-built features such as see saws and maybe some small jumps. Best part about all this is that there's B-lines around everything, so you don't have to bust a move (or bust a rib!) if you don't want to. So here's all the details: WHEN: Saturday 7th July, roll out of the car park at 2pm SHARP! WHERE: Meet at the Kiwarrak MTB Park car park--CLICK HERE FOR MAP BRING: MTB, helmet, gloves, glasses,

Tuesday Gravel Grind - Wait 'n' See!

How good is that picture? Fortunately it's not me, but it is some poor dude falling off a set of rollers. For those of you who haven't tried rollers but think you'd be able to do it easily, just ask! I've got a set and would gladly video you doing what old mate is doing above! Falling off them is deceptively easy! The reason we've got a photo of a bloke on rollers (well, off them actually) is because if it's raining tomorrow morning, that's what I suggest - riding indoors. BUT! If it is OK we'll do the Cedar Party loop. It'll probably still be wet under the wheels, so that's probably going to be the least muddy. So here's all the deets: WHEN: Tuesday 3rd July, roll out of the start point at

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