What a lovely weekend it's shaping up to be - well, at least for Saturday! Sunny, light winds and an expected top of 23 degrees! Wow, perfect weather for a ride with the Bourkes crew. Oh and we just figured out that Saturday will be the first day of SPRING!!! This Saturday we're doing a Beginner/Intermediate ride and everyone's invited! We promise it won't be really really hard, but being a Beginner/Intermediate ride there will definitely be a couple of good climbs and descents and about 15-20km of riding over approximately 1.5-2 hours. Sounds like your cup of tea? Then come along! Here's all the finer detail: WHO: Everyone! WHAT: Beginner/Intermediate mountain bike ride WHEN: Saturday 1st


Hot off the heels of the PBM HARDROCK 6HR, we're back into weekend rides and this weekend is a special one. All too often casual riding with a group of mates turns into a training ride because someone gets the smell of blood in their nostrils. Sometimes that happens because there's too many X Chromosomes floating around and not enough Y's to even out the chest beating! Well, this weekend we've got the ladies covered, because the shop ride on Saturday is gong to be a WOMEN'S SPECIFIC BEGINNER RIDE! Yep, this one's for all the females who want to experience the Kiwarrak State Forest from the seat of their mountain bike. And there's no pressure to be a World Champion rider because all levels of


The Bourkes Bikes Tuesday Gravel Grind is back! After a bit of a rest in order to help out at the PBM HARDROCK 6HR MOUNTAIN CYCLE RACE, we're ready and raring to hit out on the gravel roads again! This week we'll be riding from Taree on the dirt roads out towards Old Bar. With only n90 minutes of riding time we won't go too far (especially because there might be a couple of single speed bikes out there this week), but there will be some climbing on the dirt fire roads next to the freeway up to the top of Four Mile as well as along Jack Wards Road and Half Chain Road. Lots of fun to be had. Here's all the details: WHEN: Tuesday 21st August, roll out of the meeting point at 6am sharp! WHERE: M


OK, so we've been banging on about this a bit, but it's such a terrific thing, we just had to bang on about it one more time!!! The folks at Specialized must be a little bit mad, because they've left us with a host of their snazziest mountain bikes to demo with whoever walks through our shop door. What a bunch of nutters!! So, not being ones to look a gift horse in the mouth, we're going to make hay while the sun shines (geez, how many more sayings can we squeeze into the one blog?!) and take a whole mess of them out with us on the weekly shop ride. At this exact point in time and space we have the following bikes available for you to join us on at the shop ride which happens this Saturday a


We now have in our hot little hands seven - count em - SEVEN 2019 Specialized Stumpjumpers in both short and long travel, and by the end of the week we should have another five! And all of them are ready for you to throw a leg over and go for a pedal into the wilderness!! Yep, the fine folks at Specialized have a whole new demo fleet of 2019 Stumpjumpers, and we're you lucky blighters are the VERY FIRST to get a ride on them!! Firstly, if you'd like a ride sometime this week, please be our guest! All you have to do is call us up on 6552 1251 and book in. then come into the store, do a bit of paperwork and then take off for a squirt on the MTB trails!!! Secondly, if you'd like to join us for

Weekend Shop Ride - Beginner/Intermediate

Calling all MTB riders who fancy a bit of a tilt around the forest with the crew from Bourkes Bikes! We're holding another one of our patented shop rides! This weekend we're all about the Beginners and the Intermediate riders - those who have maybe done a little bit of riding with dirt under their wheels, all the way up to those who feel confident picking their way through most of the trails out at the Kiwarrak MTB Park! We'll crack the 15-20km mark over about 1.5-2hrs, and as always, no one will get left behind. It's gonna be a cracker of a ride. We hope you can join us. Here's all the gory details: WHEN: Saturday 11th August, roll out of the meeting point at 2pm sharp! WHERE: Kiwarrak MTB


Very recently, we had a conversation with our Specialized Rep, Jeff, that went a bit like this: Bourkes: Hi Jeff, how's the world treating you? Jeff: Awesome guys, how's beautiful Taree? Bourkes: Couldn't be better. But enough of the pleasantries, we've got a question for you. Can we please have 12 of your newest, shiniest, awesomest (yes, that's a word) Stumpjumpers and Epic Evos, and can we have them for free, and can we have them for about three weeks, AND can we ride them whenever we want wherever we want with whomever we want, AND when we're done with them can we hand them back to you no questions asked? Jeff: Sure guys, that sounds like a terrific idea! One that I wholeheartedly suppor

Tuesday Gravel Grind - Old Bar side

Righteo, who's up for a bit of crunching gravel beneath their tyres? If your answer to this question is 'yes', then feel free to join us for the next shop gravel grind. It's happening tomorrow (Tuesday), starting at the corner of Victoria and Commerce Sts, on the Taree end of the bridge. This week we're going to blast out through to the dirt roads on the eastern side of the highway, out towards Old Bar. We won't get as far as Old Bar because we won't have enough time, but we'll definitely put in about 30-35km worth of riding. So if the idea of that floats your boat, we'll meet you at the bridge tomorrow at 6! WHEN: Tuesday 7th August, roll out of the meeting spot at 6AM SHARP! WHERE: Cnr Vic


CALLING all keen mountain bikers who are interested in dipping their toes in the waters of MTB racing, but maybe feel a little worried about what it's like..... This week's weekend shop ride is designed specifically for YOU!!! Paul and Mags have decided that they should host a ride for those riders who already have experience and skill on mountain bike trails, but haven't necessarily gone in a race yet and might be interested. As a result they'll be taking this weekend's intrepid MTBers around the course for the 2018 PBM HARDROCK 6HR MOUNTAIN BICYCLE RACE, which is being held on our very own trails at the Kiwarrak MTB Park on the weekend of 18/19 August. There's no doubt that entering your f

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