Welcome to the long weekend!!! Wowsers, it's looking like a cracker of a time. You've got the Old Bar Beach Festival on as well as three whole days to get yo' bike on! So, because it's a special weekend we're putting on a special ride. It's our adventure pedal up to Comboyne!!! This one's a longer ride, but definitely a fun one. Read on for details. We'll be starting at the Upper Lansdowne Hall at 9am, and we'll take the Koppin Yarratt road up to Comboyne. This road is closed to motorised traffic, meaning that it's perfectly quiet and safe for bike riding. Please be aware that it's about a 20km trip up to Comboyne, and the majority of this is climbing! The upside of that is that the majority


OK, so the Tuesday gravel grind has been the absolute ducks guts for the last couple of weeks. Clear skies, a bit nippy in the temperature stakes, but beautiful mornings for a bit of a pedal up to Breakneck lookout. Tomorrow's weather forecast doesn't look so peachy, but if it's dry we'll take a chance and go for another ride up to Breakneck. If it's raining or really wet under the tyres we'll make the call on Facebook no later than 5am tomorrow morning. Here's the details: WHEN: Tuesday 25th Sept, roll out of the meeting point at 5:30am sharp. WHERE: Meet at the intersection of Victoria and Commerce Sts Taree. BRING: Bike capable of riding approx 30km on tar and dirt. Helmet, gloves and gla


CALLING ALL beginner mountain bikers! WE WANNA RIDE WITH YOU!! We here at Bourkes are big on ensuring everyone gets a chance to come for a ride. With that in mind this weekends ride is going to be for ALL RIDERS, and BEGINNERS in particular!!! All skill levels are invited to join us, but if you are a more skilled rider please be aware that we'll be riding at a nice cruisey pace this weekend. It'll be the perfect chance for you to chat to a beginner and get them hooked on MTB just like you were once! Here's the details: WHEN: Saturday 22nd September, roll out of the carpark at 2PM SHARP! WHERE Kiwarrak MTB Park main carpark---CLICK HERE FOR MAP BRING: mountain bike or something that you can r

Tuesday Gravel Grind - Warmer Weather to Breakneck?

Well, it's that time again, when we saddle up and get out there for our weekly gravel grind. And the Bureau of Meterology website is telling us that Mother Nature is on our side. With a Sunny morning forecasted and an expected top of 25 degrees it's shaping up to be a cracker of a day. It's still cold in the early morning though, so if you would like to join us for a gravel grind make sure you bring some cold weather clothing. This week we're going to venture up to Breakneck, so we'll need to leave a tad earlier. It's a 5:30am start from the Taree end of the Martin Bridge on the corner of Victoria and Commerce streets. If we're riding lickety split (that means 'fast' for all you young 'uns),


Yep, we've been leading up to this ride for a couple of weeks now. We did some absolute beginner rides followed by beginner/intermediate rides. Now it's time to pull out the big guns! It's our Intermediate/Advanced ride, but let us be clear about this one point - This is not just about big jumps!! Sure, we may find ourselves wandering over that side of the park, but the focus of this week's ride is to hit the harder trails fast, not just to send it off every damn jump and drop out there! SO there you have it. If you like your hills steep up and down, and your trails off-camber and wiggly, but don't necessarily see yourself flying through space directly towards that large tree, then this is t

Gravel Grind - CANCELLED: Family Matters

Yeah, OK we know this image is from the 90's sitcom of the same name, but we couldn't find a photo to better illustrate the fact that we've got family stuff on tomorrow morning. Sorry about that, but blood is thicker than water. Besides, we'll definitely be back next week with another awesome gravel grind. Catch ya then! #ShopRide

Weekend Shop Ride - Casual Intermediate

Okey dokey, this week's shop ride will be one with a bit of a difference. Lately we've been doing a bunch of beginner or beginner/intermediate rides, which has been terrific for introducing riders to the wonderful world of mountain biking. This weekend's ride is gonna be a bit different. We're going to hit the harder trails, but at a leisurely pace. Expect to ride such trails as Logz, N.F.E, and Heartrate. Translation - this ride definitely won't be for beginners. The fitness and skill level required to ride these trails does not suit beginner riders. Having said that, those intermediate riders who join us won't have to do the trails at warp factor nine! It'll be at a leisurely pace, so it w


The Tuesday Gravel Grind is an excellent little ride that we put on most weeks, and it gets riders off the tar and onto a bit of dirt goodness, whilst not going the whole hog on full-blown mountain bike trails! We're shaping up for another one tomorrow morning, but as Mother Nature is looking at bucketing us with 25mm of rain today and 15mm tomorrow, we'll make the call now that if it rains bunches today or tomorrow morning we'll call it off. Keep an eye on Facebook for details! In the meantime, here's all the details just in case it stays OK: WHAT: Tuesday Gravel Grind WHEN: Tuesday 4th September, roll out of the meeting point at 6am sharp WHERE: Taree end of the Martin Bridge, corner of Vi

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