Welcome to this week's Saturday shop ride. A very specific one this time. Paul and Mags normally host the shop rides but Paul is off gallivanting around the countryside, squandering all his money on a multi-day adventure motorbike trek (motorbikes? Blergh!!!) So, while the cat's away, the mice will place. And that mouse is Mags, who has decided she's gonna host a ride for all the ladies! Yep, it's a good old fashioned women only ride this weekend, and female mountainbikers of all skill levels are invited! So! If you only have X chromasomes and are keen for an awesome afternoon out on the trails with all your Sistas from another Mista, this ride is for you! Here's the deets: WHEN: Saturday 3r


Calling all newcomers to mountain biking! This weekend's shop ride is for you! We're putting on a beginner's ride for those who have maybe done a bit of riding in the bush and would like to build their confidence and fitness on trails that are a little bit tougher. This isn't necessarily a ride for absolute beginners who have never ridden on dirt before. Rather, it's for those who have done a bit of mountain biking and want to get out there for some new challenges! The BOM has forecast 25 degrees for Saturday with only a small chance of rain, so it sounds like it's gonna be a cracker of a day for a ride. If you'd like to join us read on for all the details! WHEN: Saturday 27th October, roll


Hallelujah!! There might be a break in the weather!!! Just enough for us to get our Tuesday Gravel Grind. And this edition will be another ride up to the always spectacular Breakneck Lookout. The Bureau of Meterology has forecast no rain at ride time tomorrow, so we're going to start a bit earlier at 5:30am to give us more than enough time to trudge our way to the top, suck in a couple of huge breaths and then plummet our way back to earth! This is an excellent ride for those who want to check out the Manning Valley from above. It's also a great ride for those wanting to get a bit of climbing into the legs. Hope you can make it, here's all the gory details: WHEN: Tuesday 23rd October, roll o


Welcome to the weekend peeps, and welcome to the Bourkes Bikes shop ride - BEGINNER/INTERMEDIATE! This week we're welcoming all comers to join us on our ride. The Bureau of Meteorology says there's a 50/50 chance of only 1-5mm of rain. That aint nuthin! So we're hedging our bets and calling this ride ON ON ON!! Same old deal as always - meet at the car park, ride with some absolute legends, go home a better person. Here's all the details: WHEN: Saturday 20th October, roll out of the car park at 3pm sharp! WHERE: Kiwarrak MTB Park car park---CLICK FOR MAP BRING: MTB, helmet, gloves glasses, water, sunscreen if it's sunny SKILL LEVEL: BEGINNER/INTERMEDIATE - approx 10-15km riding. some climbin

Tuesday Gravel Grind - CANCELLED

Hi all. Well, it seems like a bit of a trend lately, but we're calling it early on tomorrow morning's shop gravel grind. It looks like it's gonna be wet wet wet all today, and tomorrow's not looking any better for a pedal. Fear not though, we'll get out there soon we promise!!!! In the mean time, enjoy your warm bed and later wake up time! #ShopRide

Weekend Shop Ride - CANCELLED

The rain gods have potentially given us early warning that this weekend won't be the best for mountain biking. The BOM site indicates that we're going to get a fair dump of rain right through the end of this week and into the weekend. With that in mind we've decided that a weekend of Tim Tams, hot chocolate and binge-sessions of Game Of Thrones would be a nicer way to spend the weekend. So with that in mind, we've decided to call off the shop's weekend ride early, so you can start planning what to do instead! We hope you have a great weekend, whatever you choose to do! #ShopRide

Weekend shop ride - Intermediate - weather permitting

Righteo keen riders, we're into the school holidays and it's time to get out there and do an intermediate ride. There's bound to be multiple attempts at wheelies and track stands in the car park before we take off, and then we'll munch up about 15-20km of primo trails, some of which may include jumps, drops and rock gardens and all with B-lines. This ride isn't for the complete beginner, rather it's for those who've already cut their teeth on the white and green trails in the forest, and now want to step up to the big kids trails. Nothing too hard, but definitely not a 'walk in the park'. We'd love to have you join us, so if you're keen we'll see you at the meeting point. Here's the deets. W

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