Lofting the front wheel on the Fuse


Dynamic Suspension Tuning

Dynamic suspension tuning is the way to take your bike to the next level, by tuning your suspension to you and your riding style to create the best ride quality possible. You'll be able to hit jumps more confidently, tackle technical terrain, roll through berms more smoothly and quickly, and have an overall improved riding experience after your appointment with our DST Specialist.

Dial your ride...

Option 1

Static Setup

This is the baseline set up for any mountain bike with

suspension, by creating

a safe and fun set of ride

characteristics for you.

Once completed this will give you a great base line for your bikes suspension and will feel good out on the trail.

40 Minutes - Price: $70

Option 2

Dynamic Tune

By utilizing hands-on tuning techniques to create a

prescribed suspension setting for your bike, the dynamic

suspension tuning process allows your mountain bike to be

the most precise, best handling bike possible.

Once completed you will have the knowledge and confidence that your bike is set up the best it can be.

3 Hours  -  Price: $250