May 30, 2018

This ride has been CANCELLED due to a severe weather warning in place.

OK all you intermediate-ish MTB warriors. Time to buckle up the helmet and join us for another incredible Bourkes Bikes Weekend Shop Ride. And yes, this week it's gonna be for what we're calling low-level intermediate riders.

'WTF does that mean?', we hear you ponder. Good question, glad you asked It's for anyone who...

May 30, 2018

Lovers of the Bourkes Friday Gravel Grind will be disappointed to hear that it's not on this week because Mick has a massive case of the sooks - and the man flu!

Whilst he seems to be getting over it, he's told us in his most concerned voice that he doesn't want to risk relapsing into the catatonic state that most men find themsleves in when they get a bit of a sniffle

So unfortunately...

May 22, 2018

It's time for another edition of the Bourkes Bikes Friday morning Gravel Grind! And this week we're hitting one of our most popular gravel grinding systems - Cedar Party!

The rural area to the North West of Taree is fertile ground for planting tyres on gravel, and this Friday's ride will see us put in about 25kms of riding on a mixture of gravel and tar.

Should be a blast, but it'll als...

May 22, 2018

This Sunday the 27th of May the Hastings Valley Mountain Bike Riders club is hosting a Gravity Enduro race at the Jolly Nose MTB Park at Bonny Hills.

Being closet gravity merchants ourselves, we thought 'What better way to prepare for the Enduro on Sunday than to have a road trip up to Jolly Nose on Saturday and run the courses?!'

And so that's what's happening this Saturday. Yep, it's...

May 16, 2018

 CALLING ALL beginner mountain bikers! WE WANNA RIDE WITH YOU!!

We here at Bourkes are big on ensuring everyone gets a chance to come for a ride. With that in mind this weekends ride is going to be for ALL RIDERS, and BEGINNERS in particular!!!

SO! We promise we won't send you over any cliffs to a certain death, and there'll be no guilting you into attempting the nine-metre jump on the...

May 15, 2018

Last Friday, our rad Friday Gravel Grinds kicked off - with a fizz.

Poor Mikey was the only one who turned up. Fair chop we reckon, it was a terribly windy and cold day. So with no one else turning up, Mikey cracked the sads, took a quick snapshot of hit massive lower lip (above) and went home!

THIS WEEK'S RIDE WILL BE MUCH MORE SUCCESSFUL!! There's already two or three confirmed attend...

May 9, 2018

We hope we haven't confused you with the picture - but it's a shot from the movie Poltergeist. The young lass is looking at the TV and singing 'They're baaa-ack!'.

And so it is with our Weekly gravel grind rides! We started these a couple of seasons ago, and now they're back!!

There's a change of day - Now we'll be heading out on FRIDAY MORNINGS bright and early, so anyone who needs to...

May 9, 2018

Righteo, it's time again for another Bourkes Bikes Weekend Ride!! This week it's a beginner/intermediate ride on the excellent Kiwarrak MTB trails.

There's nothing really crazy to know about this ride. It'll be your bog standard ride through the bush, possibly going to some of the jump trails close to the event centre, but then again maybe not! It all depends on who turns up and what t...

May 3, 2018

RIGHTEO sports fans, it's time to pump up the tyres on your MTB and join us again for one of Bourkes Bikes famous WEEKEND SHOP RIDES!

This week we're going a bit more extreme than your garden variety beginner ride - yep, it's an INTERMEDIATE ride!

We'll be riding up and down, over and under, around and through a bunch of the techy, steep and purpose built stuff that the Kiwarrak MTB Par...

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