No shop ride

Hi all, and welcome to the weekly update on the Bourkes Bikes Shop Ride.

Except, this week's update isn't that great, because this weekend there will be NO BOURKES BIKES SHOP RIDE!!

Now before you grab your flaming torches and pitchfork to hunt us down, let us explain.

Shop owners Paul and Mags are away this weekend and won't be around to offer their perpetually excellent ride to everyone. And whilst Paul and Mags are away, Brendan and Mick are holding down the fort, both of whom have unavoidable commitments this weekend.

This means that there'll be no one around to host the ride. We're super sorry, but even we need a bit of a lazy weekend on the couch too (so to speak!).

Fear not though, the Bourkes Shop Ride will return next week. In the meantime, why not download the TRAILFORKS APP onto your phone and do a bit of self-guided exploring of the trails this weekend? You'd be mad not to!!!!

Catch ya next week!