Saturday Shop Ride - No Y Chromosomes!

Calling all humans with two X chromosomes - that is FEMALES!! This week's shop ride is all about YOU!!

Who needs that pesky Y chromosome that all males possess, messing with your chi as you take in the great outdoors with your besties from the saddle of your mountain bike?

The answer to that question is 'NO-ONE'! And so this week's Bourkes Bikes Saturday Shop Ride is exclusively for FEMALES ONLY, and to make things even more enticing, we're calling all female riders of ALL SKILL LEVELS to turn up for a pedal with a bunch of like-minded cyclists!

And so, without males tagging along with their need to pin it super-fast in front of the ladies, you can find that this week's ride is going to be super-smooth and relaxed, a real change to getting out there and macking it at warp factor nine!

SO! jump on Facey, Insta or the Chat, and alert all you BFF's that this weekend it's GOING DOWN, and BOYS AREN"T INVITED!! Here's all the details:

WHEN: Saturday 14th April, roll out of the carpark at 2pm sharp! (don't forget, 2pm now that Daylight Savings has ended)

WHERE: Kiwarrak MTB Park carpark---CLICK HERE FOR MAP

BRING: Mountain bike, helmet, water to drink, sunscreen, gloves and glasses

DON'T BRING: Boyfriend, husband, father, son, brother, any other male relatives or friends!