Friday Gravel Grind - Make Mikey Happy!

Last Friday, our rad Friday Gravel Grinds kicked off - with a fizz.

Poor Mikey was the only one who turned up. Fair chop we reckon, it was a terribly windy and cold day. So with no one else turning up, Mikey cracked the sads, took a quick snapshot of hit massive lower lip (above) and went home!

THIS WEEK'S RIDE WILL BE MUCH MORE SUCCESSFUL!! There's already two or three confirmed attendees, so it's gonna be on like Donkey Kong! Same start location and time, but if you don't know that info read on!

WHEN: Friday 18th May, 6am SHARP START!

WHERE: Town end of the Martin Bridge at the traffic lights on the corner of Victoria and Commerce Sts, Taree

BRING: Bike capable of riding all terrains (pavement, dirt etc)

SKILL LEVEL: Gravel grind, so not a lot of skill, BUT be prepared to ride approx 30km in 2 hours. There will be some climbing involved.