CALLING ALL beginner mountain bikers! WE WANNA RIDE WITH YOU!!

We here at Bourkes are big on ensuring everyone gets a chance to come for a ride. With that in mind this weekends ride is going to be for ALL RIDERS, and BEGINNERS in particular!!!

SO! We promise we won't send you over any cliffs to a certain death, and there'll be no guilting you into attempting the nine-metre jump on the 'Up it' trail! It'll all be smooth sailing...err... riding, with lots of breaks, lots of banter and lots of chances to mix it with all sorts of riders.

As mentioned, all skill levels are invited, but if you are a more skilled rider please be aware that we'll be riding to all skill levels this weekend. It'll be the perfect chance for you to chat to a beginner and get them hooked on MTB just like you were once!

Here's the details:

WHEN: Saturday 19th May, roll out of the carpark at 2PM SHARP!

WHERE Kiwarrak MTB Park main carpark---CLICK HERE FOR MAP

BRING: mountain bike or something that you can ride on the dirt, helmet, gloves and glasses if you ahve them, water to drink, sunscreen.

SKILL LEVEL: BEGINNER - approximately 5 - 7km of riding over approximately 1 - 1.5 hours. Very gentle trails with some uphill and downhills. Some climbing and descending, some purpose built features, all of which have B-lines.