This Sunday the 27th of May the Hastings Valley Mountain Bike Riders club is hosting a Gravity Enduro race at the Jolly Nose MTB Park at Bonny Hills.

Being closet gravity merchants ourselves, we thought 'What better way to prepare for the Enduro on Sunday than to have a road trip up to Jolly Nose on Saturday and run the courses?!'

And so that's what's happening this Saturday. Yep, it's a good old fashioned road trip! And it's definitely going to be one for those who like their riding pointing downwards. There'll be jumps and drops aplenty - not one for the faint of heart! And riding between trail heads will be uber casual, just like an Enduro race - there's no prizes for getting to the top of the trails first, just grins galore on the way back down!

SO! If you reckon you've got a bit of of downhill skill bubbling under the surface, why don't you join us up there? Read on for all the deets!

And if you want more info about the event on Sunday just CLICK HERE!

WHEN: Saturday 26th May, roll out of Wizards Carpark at 2:30pm sharp!

WHERE: Jolly Nose Mountain Bike Park, Wizards Carpark---CLICK HERE FOR MAP

BRING: MTB that can handle enduro style trails, helmet, gloves, glasses, water

SKILL LEVEL: INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED. Gentle riding uphill to top of trail heads, then fast steep downhill riding. Many purpose built features like jumps, drops, rock gardens. Some of these features DO NOT have B-lines!