Bourkes Ride Schedule- Gravel Grinding and skills sessioning!

Righty ho one and all, it's time to tell you about this weeks Bourkes hosted rides.

As always we'll start off with the Gravel Grind. This week we're gonna start out along Cedar Party Road and take in the crunchy gravelly goodness of the Cedar Party region. This ride will be weather permitting - if it's raining, don't bother coming!! We'll provide a final GO/NO GO on Facebook by 5:30am on the day. Read below for all the details:

WHEN: Friday 22nd June, roll out from the start point at 6am SHARP!

WHERE: Meet at the intersection of Cedar Party Road and Irkanda Drive---CLICK HERE FOR MAP

BRING: Bike capable of gravel road riding, helmet, warm clothing, lights.

SKILL LEVEL: Approximately 15-20km riding on tar and dirt roads.

And what about MTB? Fear not, we haven't forgotten you. This Saturday Paul and Mags are going to give you a bit of a tour of their favorite session spots.

'What's a session?', we hear you ask. Sessioning is when you do repeated runs on specific trails or obstacles at which you want to get better. Sessioning is a great way to dial in specific skills and improve your riding on familiar but challenging terrain.

Rumour has it that we'll be hitting such great trails as 'N.F.E', the rock garden on the 'Traverse' trail, the 'Go' jump tracks and also some of the balance obstacles dotted around the forest. They're not planning on hitting the big features up the hill, but if the mood takes them Paul and Mags might just drag you up to 'Up River' for some jumping!

This is classified as an intermediate ride, and is definitely a session as opposed to a skills learning course, which would cost you money!! Having said that, there's no doubt that those present will give you tips and tricks on how to do something specific. It's all about sharing ideas and experiences on this one! Here's all the details:

WHEN: Saturday 23rd June, roll out from the car park at 2pm SHARP!

WHERE: Kiwarrak MTB Park main car park---CLICK HERE FOR MAP

BRING: MTB, helmet, gloves, glasses, water

SKILL LEVEL: INTERMEDIATE - Approximately 15-20km riding on various terrain, some difficult features such as rock gardens, skinnies and jumps, most of which have B-lines.