Friday Gravel Grind - NOW TUESDAY!!

OK lovers of the sound of bacon frying, we've got a bit of news for you. Our Friday Gravel Grind is moving to TUESDAYS!!

The reason for this is because we haven't had a great take up for the Friday sessions, possibly due to people going away for the weekend and other anomolies like that!

SO! We're moving them back to Tuesdays to see if that's any better. Of course there's also the possibility that it's so cold at the moment that most people are kicking the early morning gravel grinds into touch in favour of staying in a warm bed (and we don't blame you one bit!!!!).

Anyhoo, we'll give Tuesdays a burl for a month or so, and if we still don't get many takers, maybe we'll kill the gravel grind off until the weather gets a little warmer!!

Stay tuned for details of next Tuesday's gravel grind. We'll post a blog later this week.