Tuesday Gravel Grind - Wait 'n' See!

How good is that picture? Fortunately it's not me, but it is some poor dude falling off a set of rollers. For those of you who haven't tried rollers but think you'd be able to do it easily, just ask! I've got a set and would gladly video you doing what old mate is doing above! Falling off them is deceptively easy!

The reason we've got a photo of a bloke on rollers (well, off them actually) is because if it's raining tomorrow morning, that's what I suggest - riding indoors.

BUT! If it is OK we'll do the Cedar Party loop. It'll probably still be wet under the wheels, so that's probably going to be the least muddy. So here's all the deets:

WHEN: Tuesday 3rd July, roll out of the start point at 6am SHARP!!!

WHERE: Corner of Cedar Party Rd and Irkanda Dr---CLICK HERE FOR MAP

BRING: Bike capable of riding tar and dirt roads

SKILL LEVEL: Beginner/Intermediate - approx 30km of riding over sealed and dirt roads.



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