Hands up who loves shredding out on the trails in the Kiwarrak Mountain Bike Park? Yep, a whole room full of hands - that's AWESOME!!!!

Now, keep you hand up if you've ever given back to the trails by attending a trail maintenance day or even gone out off your own bat and provided the trails with a bit of remedial love?

Not too many hands up anymore. That's a real shame.

Well, with the help of the MANNING-GREAT LAKES TIP RIDERS, we're hoping to change that for at least one day, because this Saturday's shop ride isn't a ride at all - It's a TRAIL LOVE DAY!

Yep, that's right, we're joining the Tippies to give back to the trails. In particular, we're going to pitch in and help out of the Two Dogs Trail, which has been a bit of a dog's breakfast for a while now. But more importantly, it's in need of some love before the Tippie's flagship race, the PBM HARDROCK 6HR MOUNTAIN BIKE RACE, is held on the 19th of August.

We're big believers in the saying 'NO DIG, NO RIDE', so we hope you join us this Saturday to give back to the trails that we all love so dearly. Here's all the gory details:

WHEN: Saturday 14th July, meeting at 1:30pm - NOT 2pm like we normally do!!

WHERE: Meet at the main carpark and we'll make our way to Two Dogs after that.

BRING: Shovels, mattocks, wheel barrows, gloves (gardening or cycling) if you're like us and not accustomed to manual labour ;P

PROVIDED:The club will provide drinks after, and if you're not a club member, they'll also cover your day participation fee, which covers both you and them for insurance purposes!