We're posting the Saturday shop ride up super early this week, because it's a special one, and it's also a fundraiser for a very worthy recipient.

This Saturday at the Jolly Nose Mountain Bike Park they are holding the 'JOY RIDE', which is a fundraiser for one of their local club Members named Joy.

Joy recently had a catastrophic accident at the Port to Port Stage Race, which resulted in her sustaining considerable a critical head injury.

Although she survived the accident, she is now left with injuries which will require sophisitcated rehabilitation and management for a long period of time.

To that end, her club mates have decided to host a guided ride of Jolly Nose MTB Park where donations can be given to go assist Joy and her family make it through this exceptionally tough time in life.

SO! We're going to hold our shop ride up there on Saturday to support this very worthy cause. We would love for you to join us up there. Don't forget to bring your wallet or purse with you so you can throw some money in the hat when it gets passed around!

For full details of the Joy Ride, you can visit the Jolly Nose MTB Facebook Event page, but we've also listed the general details below. If you need a hand getting up there, feel free to call us on 6552 1251 and if we can assist we will!

WHAT: Jolly Nose MTB Park Joy Ride fundraiser

WHEN: Saturday 28th July, starts at 2pm

WHERE: Jolly Nose MTB Park Wizards Carpark

WHY: To raise funds to help Joy and her family during this tough time, and also to have a bunch of fun!!!

BRING: MTB, helmet, gloves, glasses, SOME MONEY TO DONATE TO THE CAUSE!