Tuesday Gravel Grind - 5:30am for BREAKNECK!

Righteo you lot, it's time to snap out of hibernation! Yes, it's cold. Yes, it's dark. Yes, you could stay in bed and sleep another couple of hours. But how are you meant to brag to your friends about how hard you are with that kind of attitude?!?!

It's with this in mind that this week's gravel grind is going to the top of the world - at least in our neck of the woods anyway. And speaking of 'neck', that's where we're headed tomorrow morning - beautiful, frozen, steep, BREAKNECK LOOKOUT!!

We're going to start earlier than normal too, simply because it's a bit longer in time and effort to get to Breakneck from Taree. So it's a 5:30am start from the intersection of Victoria and Commerce Sts in Taree, right near the bridge.

Yep, it is definitely a bit of a climb, but the payoff is worth it when you get to the top and can watch the world wake up in front of your eyes as the sun begins it's journey. Never been to Breakneck at dawn? You fool!! It's incredible!

SO! Are YOU feeling saucy? Then come along and join us, but bring cold weather gear and lights! Here's the deets:

WHEN: Tuesday 31st July, roll out from the start point at 5:30am SHARP (not 6am like normal).

WHERE: Cnr Victoria and Commerce Sts Taree---CLICK FOR MAP

BRING: bike capable of CLIMBING! Cold weather gear, lights, a cup of concrete =(;P)

SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate - approx 30-35km on paved and unpaved roads, considerable climbing and descending in pre-dawn and dawn.