CALLING all keen mountain bikers who are interested in dipping their toes in the waters of MTB racing, but maybe feel a little worried about what it's like.....

This week's weekend shop ride is designed specifically for YOU!!!

Paul and Mags have decided that they should host a ride for those riders who already have experience and skill on mountain bike trails, but haven't necessarily gone in a race yet and might be interested.

As a result they'll be taking this weekend's intrepid MTBers around the course for the 2018 PBM HARDROCK 6HR MOUNTAIN BICYCLE RACE, which is being held on our very own trails at the Kiwarrak MTB Park on the weekend of 18/19 August.

There's no doubt that entering your first race might be a bit daunting, but we can tell you from experience that they are oodles of fun, and not just while you're on the track. The key to a great race is obviously a terrific course, but it's also about the vibe in the event centre, the the PBM has both of those in spades!! Just check out the cheesy grins on these local legends, good blokes one and all of them!

The ride will take in the 2018 course, which features a bunch of fun flowing trals as well as a couple of hairier sections designed to sort the wheat from the chaff. So attending this ride will definitely shake out any cobwebs and give you a clear idea of whether you should ride 'A' lines or 'B' lines!

Please be aware that this weekend's ride is NOT for beginners - it's aimed at those who already have MTB skills and are thinking of maybe doing some racing just for the fun of it. We'd love to have you join us so we can show just how much fun making a team with your friends and joining us in the forest at the race can be! Here's all the gory details:

WHEN: Saturday 4th August, roll out of the carpark at 2pm sharp.

WHERE: Kiwarrak MTB Park main carpark---CLICK FOR MAP

BRING: MTB, helmet, gloves, glasses, water.

SKILL LEVEL: INTERMEDIATE - Approximately 10-15km on undulating trails with some trail features. Suitable for riders who already mountainbike and are thinking of racing.