Tuesday Gravel Grind - Old Bar side

Righteo, who's up for a bit of crunching gravel beneath their tyres? If your answer to this question is 'yes', then feel free to join us for the next shop gravel grind.

It's happening tomorrow (Tuesday), starting at the corner of Victoria and Commerce Sts, on the Taree end of the bridge. This week we're going to blast out through to the dirt roads on the eastern side of the highway, out towards Old Bar.

We won't get as far as Old Bar because we won't have enough time, but we'll definitely put in about 30-35km worth of riding. So if the idea of that floats your boat, we'll meet you at the bridge tomorrow at 6!

WHEN: Tuesday 7th August, roll out of the meeting spot at 6AM SHARP!

WHERE: Cnr Victoria and Commerce Sts Taree---CLICK HERE FOR MAP

BRING: Bike capable of riding on dirt roads, helmet, gloves glasses, cold weather gear, water.

SKILL LEVEL: Fit enough to ride 30-35 km on dirt in 1.5 hrs!