Very recently, we had a conversation with our Specialized Rep, Jeff, that went a bit like this:

Bourkes: Hi Jeff, how's the world treating you?

Jeff: Awesome guys, how's beautiful Taree?

Bourkes: Couldn't be better. But enough of the pleasantries, we've got a question for you. Can we please have 12 of your newest, shiniest, awesomest (yes, that's a word) Stumpjumpers and Epic Evos, and can we have them for free, and can we have them for about three weeks, AND can we ride them whenever we want wherever we want with whomever we want, AND when we're done with them can we hand them back to you no questions asked?

Jeff: Sure guys, that sounds like a terrific idea! One that I wholeheartedly support and will fight tooth and nail to ensure happens.

'Yeah, right, as if', we hear you groaning about now.

But you know what though? that's pretty much what has happened. We kid you not, we are now in possession of some of the blingiest MTBs on offer from 'The Big S' in 2019, and we've got 'em for about three weeks!

SO! Who wants to go for a ride on a 2019 Specialized Stumpjumper or Epic Evo? We're gonna unleash them for you to ride this Saturday as part of our normal weekend shop ride, and we'll also have them available next weekend as part of the events for the PBM HARDROCK 6HR MTB Race which happens on the 18th/19th. And not only that, but if you've got a spare couple of hours during the week and you want to throw a leg over one of them, you can come on in, sign one out and smash through the forest to your hearts content!

So the ball's in your court. If you'd like to book a ride on one of these demons, all you have to do is call us on 6552 1251, and just like Captain Jean Luke Picard used to say on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise, we will 'MAKE IT SO'!

That number again 6552 1251. Gis a call!!!



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