Hot off the heels of the PBM HARDROCK 6HR, we're back into weekend rides and this weekend is a special one.

All too often casual riding with a group of mates turns into a training ride because someone gets the smell of blood in their nostrils. Sometimes that happens because there's too many X Chromosomes floating around and not enough Y's to even out the chest beating!

Well, this weekend we've got the ladies covered, because the shop ride on Saturday is gong to be a WOMEN'S SPECIFIC BEGINNER RIDE!

Yep, this one's for all the females who want to experience the Kiwarrak State Forest from the seat of their mountain bike. And there's no pressure to be a World Champion rider because all levels of rider are welcome.

If you've never gone mountain biking but always wanted to try, now's YOUR time! Ditch the family and join us! And if you don't have a mountain bike, don't worry! Because at the moment we have a fleet of SPECIALIZED STUMPJUMPERs that you can sign out and ride! Simply call us on 6552 1251 to organise a bike for the ride.

So there you have it. There's no reason at all why you can't come out with us for a pedal (unless you're a boy!!). We hope to see you on Saturday. Here's all the details:

WHO: All women and girls!!

WHAT: Bourkes Bikes female-specific beginner's ride

WHEN: Saturday 25th August, roll out of the meeting point at 2pm sharp!

WHERE:Meet at the Kiwarrak Mountain Bike Park Main Car Park---CLICK FOR MAP

WHY: Becuase we al love to ride MTBs!

BRING: Mountain bike (or call us on 6551 1251 to sign out a SPECIALIZED STUMPJUMPER for free!), helmet, gloves, glasses, water to drink.

SKILL LEVEL: BEGINNER - approximately 10km on gentle mountain biking singletrail and fire roads.