Weekend Shop Ride - Casual Intermediate

Okey dokey, this week's shop ride will be one with a bit of a difference.

Lately we've been doing a bunch of beginner or beginner/intermediate rides, which has been terrific for introducing riders to the wonderful world of mountain biking.

This weekend's ride is gonna be a bit different. We're going to hit the harder trails, but at a leisurely pace. Expect to ride such trails as Logz, N.F.E, and Heartrate. Translation - this ride definitely won't be for beginners. The fitness and skill level required to ride these trails does not suit beginner riders.

Having said that, those intermediate riders who join us won't have to do the trails at warp factor nine! It'll be at a leisurely pace, so it won't be too taxing for the experienced rider. Great fun!!

SO! If you're comfortable riding on more techy trails, albeit at a slower pace, we'd love to have you!! Here's the details:

WHEN: Saturday 8th Sept, roll out of the meeting point at 2pm sharp!

WHERE: Kiwarrak MTB Park main car park---CLICK FOR MAP

BRING: MTB, helmet, gloves, glasses, water to drink

SKILL LEVEL: INTERMEDIATE - Approx 10-15km over approx 1.5-2hrs. Considerable climbs and descents, with many technical trail features such as drops, rock gardens, berms. Not suitable for beginners.