Yep, we've been leading up to this ride for a couple of weeks now. We did some absolute beginner rides followed by beginner/intermediate rides. Now it's time to pull out the big guns!

It's our Intermediate/Advanced ride, but let us be clear about this one point - This is not just about big jumps!! Sure, we may find ourselves wandering over that side of the park, but the focus of this week's ride is to hit the harder trails fast, not just to send it off every damn jump and drop out there!

SO there you have it. If you like your hills steep up and down, and your trails off-camber and wiggly, but don't necessarily see yourself flying through space directly towards that large tree, then this is the ride for you. Meeting place is different to the usual spot, so make sure you read the finer details below.

WHEN: Saturday 15th Sept, roll out of the meeting point at 2pm sharp!

WHERE: Kiwarrak Mountain Bike Park - BIKE TREE CAR PARK--CLICK FOR MAP

BRING: MTB, helmet, gloves, glasses, water to drink

SKILL LEVEL: INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED - Approx 15-20km riding over approx 2.5-3hrs. Considerable climbing and descending. Considerable technical trail features including jumps, drops, berms, rock gardens, step ups etc, most of which have B-Lines.