Weekend Shop Ride - Another Intermediate!

Welcome to this weekend's Bourkes Bicycles Shop Ride. Paul and Mags are taking off on a moto adventure, so Brendan and Mick have elected to smash out some hot lines on some of the Kiwarrak MTB Park's intermediate trails.

Yep, there'll be some considerable climbing, techy descents and trail features aplenty, including jump lines, rocky snot and big berms on offer.

This ride definitely won 't suit the beginner, but fear not, because in the next couple of weeks there's bound to be some beginner level riding happening out there courtesy of Bourkes Bikes.

SO! If you like your MTB trails either steep up or steep down, and kinda like the feeling of getting both wheels off the ground often, this weekend's ride is definitely for you! Here's all the gory details:

WHEN: Saturday 24th November, roll out of the meeting point at 3pm sharp

WHERE: Kiwarrak MTB Park main car park---CLICK FOR MAP

BRING: MTB, helmet, gloves, glasses, sunscreen, water to drink

SKILL LEVEL: INTERMEDIATE - considerable climbing and descending, lots of technical trail features such as jumps, drops, berms, rock gardens, step ups, most of which have B lines