Saturday Shop Ride - Beginner/Intermediate

Okey Dokey, so it looks like we're not going to get cooked alive on the trails this weekend - maybe just par-boiled a bit!

Whatever the case, seems cool enough(!) to still get a shop ride in!

So with that in mind, we're leading a Beginner/Intermediate ride from the usual place at the usual time, most likely for the usual suspects!! Why don't you join us?

Make sure you bring plenty of water and sunscreen, cos it's still forecast to be pretty warm (34 degrees).

Here's all the gory details:

WHO All Beginner and intermediate riders, as well as anyone else who feels up to it.

WHEN: Arrive at 2:50pm for a 3:00pm roll out.

WHERE: Kiwarrak MTB Park main car park---CLICK FOR MAP

BRING: MTB, lots of water, helmet, gloves and glasses, sunscreen

SKILL LEVEL: Beginner/Intermediate - gentle riding on easy gradients.