Weekend Shop Ride - Mixed Terrain Odyssey!

This week's ride is a little bit different from the ordinary MTB adventure we've become famous for. Ths week we're hitting out on a ride on a mixed terrain ride. For the uninitiated, mixed terrain means gravel and paved roads.

We'll start from the shop this week, then make our way out to Cundletown and North along the highway to Moto. From there we'll go onto dirt at Nth Moto Rd and alongside the Lansdowne River until we pop out onto Lansdowne Rd. Then it's along to Brimbin Rd and into the forest once more, to eventually link up with Brimbin Reserve and exit through Cedar Party Rd. Upon return to the shop it'll be cold drinks and war stories galore!

All up, the ride will be between 40-45km, but is mostly flat. It's gonna be a fun one and the weather is supposed to behave - 29 degrees with maybe 5mm of rain. About half of it will be tar and the other half will be a combination of dirt roads, and also easy going trails between Brimbin Rd and Brimbin Reserve.

SO! If you're hankering for a bit of a pedal through the countryside, this one's for you! Here's the gory details:

WHEN: Saturday 2nd Feb, roll out of the meeting place at 3pm SHARP!

WHERE: Bourkes Bicycles Car Park

WHAT: Mixed terrain ride (gravel/'pavement). Approx 40-45km over approx 2.5-3hrs

BRING: Gravel grinder/MTB (there is approx 2.5km of MTB trails between Brimbin Rd and Brimbin Reserve), helmet, gloves, glasses, water, sunscreen

SKILL LEVEL: NA, but br prepared for approx 45km of cycling on both gravel and tar roads.