Bourkes Bikes Race Crew rider Landon Cini, pinning it on one of the big hucks at the Ourimbah DH track. Photo courtesy of SPC Photography

Local downhilling prodigy and recent signing to the Bourkes Bicycles Race Crew, Landon Cini, has had a blinder of a day at the Ourimbah round of the National Tier 3 Downhill race series this weekend just gone.

Check out Landon looking through the corner. A foundation skill, but pretty darn important when you're fanging downhill at 35-40kph! Photo couresy of SPC Photography.

At only 15 years of age, he's already a jet. You should try following him down a run at Kiwarrak - normally you're lucky to hold his wheel for 20 metres, then just wave goodbye!

I wonder if he gave it a flick as he railed round that one? Photo courtesy of SPC Photography.

That skill came in very handy on the weekend, with Landon pulling a 3rd place against much more experienced riders than him. This can only mean one thing - the future's bright for Mr Cini. His skill and daring, combined with the efforts of his parents Wayne and Ainslie (who tirelessly run training shuttles during the week and then travel to various races round the countryside on weekends), can only end in good things.

The pup can ride! Before you know it, he's gonna be a ravenous dog snapping at the heels of the big boys! Photo courtesy of SPC Photogrpahy.

Watch this space for even better results in the near future. In the meantime though, feel free to do a bit of hero worship by checking out these photos courtesy of SPC Photography, and also click the link below for a video from Central Coast MTB Club. Watch for Landon at XX seconds into the video, he's the whippet in the Bourkes jersey thundering into third place!!