Calling all mad shredders! This week's shop ride is a little bit different. On Saturday the Hastings Valley Mountain Biking Riders are hosting a club Enduro race, and they've invited everyone to go along and participate. So we're going to travel up there to represent for not only the shop, but also the Manning Great Lakes Tip Riders!

Located within the Jollynose State Forest, the HVMBR trails are perfect for a bit of enduro riding. For those of you who don't know what enduro is, check out the image above. It's very fast downhill riding over difficult obstacles with full-faced helmet and protective gear. The races are run on 3-4 different downhill courses, with riders having to pedal back to the top after every run to start the next one.

There's no doubt that it can be one of the more extreme styles of mountain biking, and if you already do it you probably love it. If you haven't done it before, or if you don't own protective equipment (of which a full-faced helmet is a requirement) this is probably not the ride for you.

If you ARE interested in joining us, you can either meet us at the shop in your own transport before 1:30pm and travel up in a convoy with us at 1:30pm SHARP, or you can make your own way up and we'll see you there! Racing starts at 3, so you'd have to be there by about 2:30pm.

So if this is your cup of tea, we hope you can join us. All the details, including entry fees etc, are listed below!

WHEN: Saturday 23rd March 2019

TIME: Either depart from Bourkes Bikes in convoy at 1:30pm SHARP (we will leave without you if you are not there before 1:30pm), or travel to Jollynose MTB Park under your own steam and be ready to race from 3pm.

WHERE: Jollynose MTB park, Spring Creek Rd, Jollynose State Forest---CLICK FOR MAP


BRING: Dual suspension mountain bike, full face helmet (required), rider protection, water, sunscreen, MTBA licence, money for refreshments or entry fee if you are not a Tip Rider.

ENTRY: Free for Manning Great Lakes Tip Riders, day licence fee for others (approx $30).

SKILL LEVEL: ADVANCED, considerable climbs to top of courses, very steep and fast descents, many technical trail features (jumps, drops, rock gardens, berms etc), most of which DO NOT have B-lines.