Well, it's that time again to have another Bourkes Bikes Weekend Shop Ride. This week's edition sees the return of Paul and Mags, who have been away from Taree for about five weeks (lucky devils!).

The downside of being away from home is that they haven't been on a mountainbike for five weeks also! We reckon they'd be jonesin' for a good old fashioned smash around the Kiwarrak MTB Park. Consequently, we're holding an intermediate ride so they can shake out all that MTB energy they've built up over the last five weeks.

Ths Saturday's ride will most likley involve some decent climbing as well as a bunch of the really fun (translation: technical & jumpy) trails that the local trails have to offer. So, if you read between the lines this means that Saturday's ride is not suited to beginners or those with low levels of fitness or technical skill.

But fear not all riders who don't think they're suited to an intermediate ride, there'll be a beginner level ride in the coming weeks for sure! Here's all the details for this week:

WHEN: Saturday 25th May, roll out of the meeting place at 2PM SHARP!

WHERE: Kiwarrak MTB Park main car park---CLICK FOR MAP

BRING: MTB, helmet, gloves, glasses, water to drink on the ride

SKILL LEVEL: INTERMEDIATE - considerable climbing and fast technical descents. Many technical trail features such as jumps, drops, berms, walls, rock gardens, most of which have B-lines. Considerable fitness and technical skill required.