Shop Ride 21/9/19 - Intermediate - Super Flow Practice!

Rocky Trail Entertainment are coming to town to hold one of their Fox Super Flow Events this Sunday. While the event is on Sunday, Saturday is practice day so we are going to head out for the shop ride to pre ride the trails that are going to be used in the event. You don't have to be planning on entering to come along, this will be a fun ride on the gravity trails.

There will be quite a lot of climbing on this ride as the trails used are most of the gravity trails.

But as they say, what goes up must come down!!! Yeeeewwwww!


Details below.


Meeting Point: Bike In The Tree on Tinonee road in the Kiwarrak MTB Park. You can find a map HERE or below.


Date: Saturday 21/9/19


Time: Rolling out at 2:30pm sharp


Difficulty: Intermediate


What is an intermediate ride?

If you find yourself conquering the green trails with ease and enjoy hitting the blue ones, with the odd black thrown in, then come along to an intermediate ride. During one of these rides you will encounter more technical and challenging trails as well as moderate amounts of climbing.

We will ride at a reasonable pace with fewer rest stops, but still keep the ride nice and social.

Ride time of around 2 hours.

You will need a mtb in good working order, a helmet, enclosed footwear, gloves and plenty of water. Also bring along things you may need to keep you going. For example spare tube, tools, pump, etc.

See you on the trails...!

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