Rent the Bike - Own the Adventure!

Are you always finding that your dream bike is just out of your reach?

Or do you find that you always want the latest and greatest?

Well Studio 19 Rentals has arrived at Bourkes Bicycles!! What is Studio 19 you may ask, well it is a rental option to fund your next bike.

So you can now rent your dream bike and own the adventure!

The metric is quite simple... the base rental cost is $48 per month per $1,000 of sale value. The minimum bike sale value is $2,500.

Plus you can insure the bike against fire, theft and accidental damage (eg cracked carbon rims, stick though the derailleur) for approx $5 per month per $1,000 of sale value.

Studio 19 Rentals simply rent you the bike for a minimum 6 month period, at which point you can hand the bike back, keep renting it, or grab the latest model and go again!

Also, at any time from the day you rent it, you can buy it outright.

Awesome right!

Have a read of the Studio 19 rentals FAQ's HERE if you want...

Pop by the shop to have a chat about renting your next dream bike with us.



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