Shop Ride 1/8/20 - Advanced

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

We don't hold advance rides very often, but when we do they are a hoot!!!

We will be hitting up most of the more challenging and technical trails and features on Saturdays ride. Expect to come across plenty of jumps, drops and challenging lines.

So there will be more climbing but also more descending, yeeeewwww!

A fairly high level of fitness and bike handling skill is needed to enjoy one of these rides.

We will still be stopping to rest and regroup, though not as frequently as normal though...

Please be aware that the Kiwarrak State Forest, which the MTB park is part of, is still closed to the public following the fires last year. Forestry have given permission for MTBA and Manning Great Lakes Tip Riders (MGLTR) club members to ride within the MTB park though.

So if you are coming along to our ride and are not already a MTBA or MGLTR club member you will need to sign up first or wont be able to participate. There are a variety of levels of membership that you can sign up for, including a FREE trial, so follow this link to join!

Details below.


Meeting Point: Main car park just off the Buckets Way in the Kiwarrak MTB Park. You can find a map HERE.


Date: Saturday 1/8/20


Time: Rolling out of the car park at 2:30pm sharp


Difficulty: Advanced


What is an advanced ride?

If you want a challenge and love to push yourself, come along to one of these rides.

Most advanced rides will focus more on technical challenges rather than flat out speed but they will be faster than a normal intermediate. As there will also be more climbing as well, a high level of fitness is required to get the most out of an advanced ride.

Ride time of 2+ hours.

You will need a mtb in good working order, a helmet, enclosed footwear, gloves and plenty of water. Also bring along things you may need to keep you going. For example spare tube, tools, pump, etc.

See you on the trails...!

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