Beginner Basics 1x3hr session - 26/11/14, Taree



Book your bike in for some love and get it running smooth and sweet again !

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We offer different levels of servicing depending on your needs. Our 6 month, Annual and Major  services are based off an average rider doing about 70-100km or 4-6hrs per week of riding in normal conditions. If you are riding more frequently or are riding in poor conditions then you may need to have your bike serviced more regularly!


All prices quoted are for labor only. If parts are required then additional charges will apply.

6 Month Service - $69


Your bike is already in pretty good shape but needs a bit of love or a race/event is coming up.


Service includes...


Check and adjust front brake/lever

Check and adjust rear brake/lever

Check and adjust front gears/shifter

Check and adjust rear gears/shifter

True front wheel (in bike)

True rear wheel (in bike)

Check and lube drive train

Check all cables

All nuts and bolts checked

Tires inflated and checked

Bike washed

Test ridden

Annual Service - $99


Recommended every 12 months, your bike will be cleaned, adjusted and professionally checked so that it's ready to go!


Service includes...


6 month service plus

Check and adjust wheel bearings

Check and adjust bottom bracket bearings

Check and adjust headset bearings

True front wheel (off bike)

True rear wheel (off bike)

Check and lube all moving parts

Major Service - $179


Recommended every 18 months or for heavily used bikes plus bike ridden in harsh conditions regularly.


Service includes


Annual service plus

Check, clean regrease wheel bearings

Check, clean regrease headset bearings

Check, clean regrease bottom bracket bearings

Full Rebuild - From $279


As the name suggests this is a full rebuild where we will strip your bike down to the bare frame.


We will then clean/check/lube/grease all parts before putting it back together and adjusting everything again.


This is for those who want their bike to be as good as it can be without buying a new one! The price is for all labour involved but does not include parts.


Excludes swing arm service, fork and shock service.


Fork & Shock Service - From $69


Recommended at least every 125 hours or 12 months, sooner for heavily used bikes ridden in harsh conditions regularly.


Service can include doing the following to your fork or shock





Replace seals

New fluids

Rebuild damper cartridge

Rebuild air spring

Check all shims and valves


Parts not included.